Worgen “mount”

“Running Wild” is the new Worgen mount. So far it’s not fully in, yet, it has no mount animations and you don’t “drop on all fours”.

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Inglorious Stormwind Basterds

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Troll Druid Cat Form

Troll Druid Cat Form

Troll Druid Cat Form

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More Cataclysm Screenshots

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The Great Divide

The North/South Barrens divide.

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Finally an end to min-maxing cloth Druids… one of the biggest abominations since Clothadins.

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Auras – we haz it

Following in Blizzard’s proud tradition of taking good AddOn ideas and making them slightly less usable core features, here’s Power Auras (sorta) for the masses:

Omen of Clarity (now trainable at 20) just procced. Fancy leaves abound.

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